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In the New York Herald, October 16, , Twain described his transformation and political awakening, in the context of the Philippine—American War in ended by the Treaty of Paris , to anti-imperialism. Charles King s ley ; Caricatured in Vanity Fair in was an English broad church priest of the Church of England, a university professor, social reformer, historian and novelist. He is particularly associated with Christian socialism. He was a friend and correspondent with Charles Darwin and He was also the uncle of female explorer Mary Kingsley — ; She was an ethnographer p.

Note that her first tarvel was in the Canary islands. She had a brother named Charles. A notable adaptation of the novel to the stage was G. The portrayal of Issachar was relatively sympathetic, as Tree had great respect for the Jewish contribution to contemporary theatre. In the modern era criticism of the novel has focused on its anti-Semitism as well as its racial prejudice. Walt Whitman May — March is also part of the stream of American artists in the references. He anonymously published some of his earliest poetry in the New York Mirror. In February , Poems of Walt Whitman was published in England thanks to the influence of William Michael Rossetti , with minor changes that Whitman reluctantly approved.

Walt Whitman was photographed by the famous photographer Mathew Brady.

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One happy moment that he later recalled was when he was lifted in the air and kissed on the cheek by the French Marquis de Lafayette during a celebration in Brooklyn on July 4 , He is best known for his influential supernatural, fantasy, and horror fiction. He is also well known for his leading role in creating the legend of the Angels of Mons. She was the second child of Robert Evans In , she moved to London with the intent of becoming a writer, and she began referring to herself as Marian Evans. She stayed at the house of John Chapman , the radical publisher whom she had met earlier at Rose hill and who had published her Strauss translation.

Chapman had recently purchased the campaigning, left-wing journal The Westminster Review , and Evans became its assistant editor in Although Chapman was officially the editor, it was Evans who did most of the work of producing the journal, contributing many essays and reviews beginning with the January issue and continuing until the end of her employment at the Review in the first half of The philosopher and critic George Henry Lewes met Evans in , and by they had decided to live together.

Lewes was already married to Agnes Jervis. They had an open marriage, and in addition to the three children they had together, Agnes also had four children by Thornton Leigh Hunt.

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The essay criticised the trivial and ridiculous plots of contemporary fiction by women. In other essays, she praised the realism of novels that were being written in Europe at the time. Acceptance was finally confirmed in when they were introduced to Princess Louise , the daughter of Queen Victoria.

However, the scholar Matteo Sansone has suggested that, as Leoncavallo was a notable student of French culture, and lived in Paris from to , he had ample opportunity to be exposed to new French art and musical works. Arriving shortly after the deposition of Khedive Ismail , Leoncavallo eventually secured work as a piano teacher and pianist to the brother of the new Khedive Tewfik Pasha. In Paris, Leoncavallo found lodging in Montmartre. The work was completed in Paris in and premiered in April to critical acclaim.

With this success and now with enough accumulated money Leoncavallo and Berthe would return to Milan to begin his career as a composer of opera. Sybil Grey c. In , she moved to North America , where she continued to perform in comic opera. Widespread discontent came to a head in , when the unsuccessful May Uprising in Dresden broke out, in which Wagner played a minor supporting role. The political ban that had been placed on Wagner in Germany was fully lifted in In , Wagner decided to move to Bayreuth , which was to be the location of his new opera house.

Wagner also resided in Venice for a while in The most famous photograph of Wagner is probably the one from William Sterndale Bennett ; His father died in as an English composer, pianist, conductor and music educator.

In , Bennett began to teach at the RAM, with which he was associated for most of the rest of his life. Amongst his pupils during this period were Arthur Sullivan. He was Professor of Music at the University of Cambridge from to He was knight ed in by Queen Victoria. The concerto received its public premiere at an orchestral concert in Cambridge on 28 November , with Bennett as soloist. In Bennett married Mary Anne Wood After the controversial season of the Philharmonic Society at which Richard Wagner conducted, Bennett was elected to take over the conductorship in , a post which he held for ten years.

Henry Payne — was an English stained glass artist, watercolourist and painter of frescoes. In he was commissioned to produce a wall painting for the later stages of the decoration of the Palace of Westminster. This became one of the three founding works of Rosicrucianism , which was both a legend and a fashionable semi-cult across Europe in this period.

In , he visited Egypt for the first time. These young painters and their followers wished to return to the purity, sincerity, and clarity of detail found in medieval and early Renaissance art that preceded Raphael — But they were also spurred on by the possibilities of the new medium, which could capture every nuance of nature. Indeed, Pre-Raphaelite artists painted with such precision that some critics accused them of copying photographs. Many photographers in turn looked to the language of Pre-Raphaelite painting in an effort to establish their nascent medium as a fine art.

Both photographers and painters—many of whom knew one another—drew inspiration directly from nature.

In choosing subjects, they also mined literature, history, and religion, as well as modern life. Together they developed a shared vocabulary that is explored in this exhibition through the genres of landscape, narrative subjects, and portraiture. Bel a Lyon Pratt — May was an American sculptor. He is known among other things foer his statue of Nathaniel Hawthorne in Salem, massachusetts.

He became an associate of the National Academy in One of the most widely known aspects of Salem is its history of witchcraft allegations, which in many popular accounts started with Abigail Williams, Betty Parris daughter of Samuel Parris , and their friends playing with a Venus glass mirror and egg. TAL is also reference to the Salem witches trials Giles Corey — pressed to death September 19, through the use of peine forte et dure.

Nathaniel Haw thorn e — May ; one of his ancestor was the only judge of the Salem witches trial who never repented was overseer of the port of Salem from until He was an American novelist, Dark Romantic, and short story writer born in that city. The Family moved in Maine and in , he was sent back to Salem for school and soon complained of homesickness and being too far from his mother and sisters. There is a well-known photograph of Una, Julian, and Rose in His wife Sophia Peabody died in Sophia had first met Nathaniel Hawthorne through her sister, Elizabeth.

Ticknor to Washington, D. There, he met Abraham Lincoln and other notable figures. Among his siblings he had a brother Samuel born in He was a lifelong friend of Nathaniel Hawthorne. There is a photograph of his wife Fanny Appleton and sons Ernest and Charles dated and a well-known photograph of him from by the famous Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. Many of his most famous portraits are from e. In he was forced to sell the original Indian Gallery, now paintings, due to personal debts.

From to he traveled through South and Central America and later returned for further exploration in the Far West. Humphreys, There exists a well-known painting of him by William Fisk —! The February Revolution prompted another move with his mother and siblings, including half-brother Hugo Wilhelm Arthur Nahl to Brooklyn, New York , where they heard of the gold strike. He arrived in Nevada City, California the next year.

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He moved to San Francisco after the Sacramento fire There is an illustration of the fire by Arthur. In Wenderoth was living in Charles ton, South Carol ina and in he returned to Philadelphia. Andrew Warren Sledd — March ; born in Virginia was an American theologian, university professor and university president. He was ordained as a Methodist minister and licensed to preach in While he was at Harvard, he played for the Harvard Crimson baseball team.

Sledd first gained national recognition after he wrote a magazine article advocating better legal and social treatment of African-Americans. He is also prominently remembered for his role in founding the modern University of Florida, his scholarly analysis of biblical texts as literature, his call for an end to racial violence , and his influence on a generation of Methodist seminary students, scholars and ministers.

His wife was Annie Florence Candle. Louis Le Prince was a French inventor who shot the first moving pictures on paper film using a single lens camera, and was heralded as the father of cinematography. He filmed moving picture sequences Roundhay Garden Scene in october , the first movie. The ancestor of modern photography was the Daguerreotype invented by Frenchman Louis Daguerre.

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In the family moved to London , and later that year, at the age of 19, Margaret moved to Paris to study for five years at the academy run by Auguste Feyen-Perrin and Eduard Krug. This was at a time when there were few female artists in the city, and when the Impressionists were active. She moved back to England in , where she died three years later at the home of the playwright George Calderon in Hampstead Heath, London.

Samuel Morse Samuel F. After having established his reputation as a portrait painter, in his middle age Morse contributed to the invention of a single-wire telegraph system based on European telegraphs. He was a co-developer of the Morse code and helped to develop the commercial use of telegraphy. In England , Morse perfected his painting techniques and by the end of , he gained admittance to the Roy al Academy.

He left England on August 21, , to return to the United States and begin his full-time career as a painter. Morse also sought commissions among the elite of Charles ton, South Carol ina.

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Between and , Morse went through great changes in his life, including a decline in commissions due to the Panic of From to , Morse traveled and studied in Europe to improve his painting skills, visiting Italy, France and Switzerland. During his time in Paris , he developed a friendship with the writer James Fennimore Cooper. He completed the work upon his return to the United States. On a subsequent visit to Paris in , Morse met Louis Daguerre. While returning by ship from Europe in , Morse encountered Charles Thomas Jackson of Boston , a man who was well schooled in electromagnetism.

At the Speedwell Ironworks in Morris town, New Jersey on January 11, , Morse and Vail made the first public demonstration of the electric telegraph. The original patent went to the Breese side of the family after the death of Samuel Morse. Morse expressed his wish to donate his portrait from to the king.

In , Morse traveled to London to help Charles Tilston Bright 8 June — 3 May , appointed engineer to the Magnetic Telegraph Company in , father of Charles Bright knighted in and Edward Whitehouse test a 2,mile-length of spooled cable.