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The English version has been available on DVD for some time, and I was lucky enough to get a boxed set of the complete 21 episodes plus the pilot for Christmas. There is a slight disconnect with what Wikipedia says about the number of series there were, and what my boxed set says, but the number of episodes is correct, and the names of the episodes tally i.

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The first series went out in The pilot seems to have been made in According to Wikipedia there were 4 series, the last one ending in Oh, and the pilot features the also wonderful Hywel Bennett. As I gradually work my way through the episodes just finished episode 6 of series 1 I recognise a few of the actors who pop up, e.

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Rent this show. Homicide detective Noel Bain Philip Madoc specializes in solving crimes the old-fashioned way: with keen intuition and deductive reasoning rather than high-tech gadgets and forensics.

A Mind to Kill

A prickly widower obsessed with his work, Bain always nabs the bad guys. His workaholic tendencies infuriate his teenage daughter, Hannah Ffion Wilkins , but he strives to protect her from the relentless brutality he witnesses every day in his beloved Wales. Summary of Season 1 - 3 discs Nostalgic for simpler times but confronted with decidedly modern crimes, Detective Noel Bain Philip Madoc dismisses complicated forensics and newfangled technology and relies on his own keen powers of intuition and deduction in this Welsh drama series. Widowed and now married to his work, Bain has a stormy relationship with his daughter Ffion Wilkins and a quieter, more cautious relationship with pathologist Margaret Edwards Sharon Morgan.

A Mind to Kill: Series 2 (DVD)

Summary of Season 2 - 4 discs Stationed in his native Wales, police detective Noel Bain Philip Madoc continues to work on complex cases that bring him face-to-face with every shade of human weakness and cruelty in the second season of this mystery series. Bain employs an old-fashioned approach to crime solving -- eschewing forensic wizardry for rational deduction -- as he pursues cases ranging from an apparent sibling suicide pact to a murder in a coastal village.

Summary of Season 3 - 4 discs Welsh detective Noel Bain Philip Madoc returns to the police after a leave of absence and is nonplussed that his equally gruff daughter, Hannah Ffion Wilkins , has joined the force, although her intelligence and passion inspire him to rededicate himself to crime-fighting. Bain's team has disbanded, forcing him to deal with new coppers who are more focused on budgets than old-fashioned detection, but he finds ways around their interference.

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Format DVD. Screen Full Screen 1.

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CC Yes. Audio English: Dolby Digital 5. Subtitles English.