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A few innocent men and women from Earth are thrust into a world swarming with hungry werewolves, noble elves, and spirited succubi. Desperate men and women fight alongside these amazing creatures as they battle the growing forces of evil, seeking to save their planet and the universe. Cast members from around the world have lent their talented voices and enthusiasm to this compelling story. Check it out for yourself at Green Moon Productions. Secret Yearning by Ann B. Words: 40, Language: English.

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Published: July 31, Pretty Mea Crossing took a desperate chance at an exciting weekend getaway, but mysteriously awakens at a small air strip in Texas. Her host is gruff, taciturn Tyler MacPherson, a man of many secrets. When a ruthless stranger targets the newcomer, Tyler rushes to Mea's aid - and definitely gets more than he bargained for. Redding's Choice by Ann B. Words: 65, Published: March 20, Oscar Calhoun and his nefarious partner, Roderick Edwards, are anything but pleased. Full of more twists and turns than a rushing mountain stream, this exciting book will keep you perched on the edge of your seat!

Words: 9, Published: February 26, This book of poetry is a delightful journey into the past where knights performed great deeds for honor, king and country, and fairies gaily danced, to the memory of fallen heroes, the magic of kittens, soap bubbles, and the tender hope of spring and young love. One has only to open the cover to release the wonder and happiness inside. Ever Charming by Ann B. Words: 43, Published: February 22, At his mountain retreat, an adversary makes it clear she will wed Forrester at all costs.

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As madness prevails, Forrester and Mobrie are forced to risk it all for the chance of a lifetime. Treasure of Langtree Lake by Ann B. Words: 31, Published: January 14, Brenna MacKenzie journeyed south to help her aunts, but her thoughts are captured by handsome Quinn Monroe. Strange forces are at work at Langtree Lake. As the robber closes in, all of their lives are in jeopardy. Words: 23, Published: January 4, Ferise Tremont hiked into the remote mountains of Maine, seeking an old abandoned beryl mine, but she is trailed by handsome Newman Blanchard.

Unfortunately, the entrance to the old beryl mine collapses, trapping them both behind tons of sharp rocks and dirt. Ferise and Newman are forced to use their wits and the few artifacts they can find to survive. Keeper of Her Heart by Ann B. Words: 36, Toby Dandridge desperately escaped for the weekend, but crashed her car into a telephone pole. Toby was rescued by handsome, but reclusive Dr. Spencer Harrington, who asked for her help in capturing a crafty and dangerous group of arsonists.

This places Toby in mortal danger.

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Talisman by Ann B. Words: 52, Catriona Whitaker and her two children came to the quiet Scottish village of Yarrow Castle unaware of the magical secret kept hidden throughout the ages.

Duncan Armstrong, the great laird of the clan, does not need nor want the help of an interfering female. Words: 51, Light of Love by Ann B. Words: 15, Franki worries that she may be harboring a criminal or perhaps, the only man who can save her. His to Desire by Ann B. Words: 20, That is, until handsome Eric Daniels rolls up on his big black Harley, and sweeps all her inhibitions away. A Chance Encounter by Ann B. Words: 16, When pretty Lori Bartlett is attacked in the street, former prize fighter Sal Angelo rushes to her rescue.

Not only does the handsome athlete neatly subdue the thief, but he also cancels his evening plans, choosing to help care for her. Unfortunately, Sal and Lori are worlds apart. Sal could have anything he wants and, at the moment, he wants Lori. For the Love of Kate by Ann B. Words: 83, Published: March 17, Kate Middleton and Trevor Houston were from two different worlds. Handsome Trevor Houston, playboy extraordinaire, lived in the world of the rich and famous. Although Trevor resists at first, there is something beguiling about Kate, something which compels him to pursue her and perhaps, make her surrender.

Unfortunately, by winning Kate, Trevor may very well find himself entrapped as well. The Pembridge Bride by Ann B. Words: , Published: December 12, While Fiona struggles to adapt to her new life, a disgruntled nobleman suddenly kidnaps her, holding Fiona prisoner in the bowels of an ancient castle. Mantasi by Ann B. Cara Bristol.

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Dragon Tide. Sharon Lee. Vampire of the Mists. Christie Golden. Cold Steel and Secrets. Rosemary Jones. Hard to Fight. John Daulton. Key to the Stars. Kevin Domenic. Alien Landscapes 1. Kevin J. Michelle Sagara. Mage Hunter. Vincent Trigili. Lee Morgan Jr. Star Conqueror: Recompense. The Dragon Circle.

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Journey To The Forest: Soulyte 1. Eve Hathaway. Hope and Despair in the City of Keyron. Jonathan Evan Hudson.