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Ballet is over years old; it started in Italy and then moved on to Russia and France. Ballet uses a lot of special things like costumes, music, and language that make it unique.

Bollywood rhymes with Hollywood and is the nickname for India's movie industry. A Bollywood movie is a dance musical, where there are big groups of people dancing in time around the main actors. Bollywood uses traditional Indian dance moves and changes them to go with modern Indian music. Different dances What kind of dancing do you like? Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet Play these games to discover some different dance styles: Complete this word find Unscramble these words Print and complete these word finds.

Make a list of 10 different types of dance you have found from playing these dance games. Street dance When musicians like Scribe put out a new music video people copy them and new dance and fashion styles are invented. Read about hip-hop on this website, or read this fun newspaper article about hip-hop.


Choose some cool music and practise some new moves. Listen to this class in clip 1 the first on the list talk about what haka means and where you might see and hear a haka. Use the information from this first clip to answer these questions: What can a haka mean?

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When would a haka be used? World of dance in NZ When people move to a new country they often keep their culture alive by dancing at special occasions. Dancing with masks A lot of African dances copy the way animals move. Look at the different animal masks on this website Click on the video link to see them being used in dance. Make an African mask by checking out the masks on this website , following the instructions on the site.

Polyfest The Polyfest started in the s with 4 schools. Look at these videos to get an idea of what it's like.

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Samoan group Nuiean group Which group did you like the best and why? Counting the beat When you dance it is important to stay in time with the music, to do this you count the beats per minute BPM. Read this interesting science experiment about beats per minute. Money raised will help the Society fund lifesaving research to improve methods of detecting and treating cancer, provide information, care and support to those affected by cancer, and raise aware of how cancer can be prevented.

We are determined to provide free support services for everyone who needs us. But with the number of people getting cancer at a record high, we are finding it more and more difficult to provide this free support to every cancer patient that needs it.

We know that the great Today FM listeners really do care about cancer patients and we are really excited to work with Today FM this year on the Dare to Care fundraising campaign. Jump to Navigation. Irish Cancer Society. In the event that spaces fill prior to April 1st, applications will close at that time. There will be no online sales for this event.

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All proceeds will benefit our Elite Dance Academy Scholarships and our Cash for Classrooms program which benefits local schools. Please call or come in to reserve your space and time.

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Either way, you win! Applications for scholarship money begin in June - Cash for Classrooms! Applications begins in June.