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Unanswered Prayers and the Dialectic of Disappointment with God

In an instant, her life, and the lives of those who love her, took an unexpected turn in a new direction. In December , she was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Thompson strikes a skillful balance in revealing her physical suffering; sharing the effect her cancer diagnosis has on her family members, colleagues, students, and friends and their responses; and communicating the reflections that living with cancer and a poor prognosis provoke in her concerning long held beliefs.

Thompson writes in a genuine and thoughtful manner, not sugarcoating her experience or slipping into self-pity. She gives a candid account of the jolt of a cancer diagnosis; the experience of treatment; the seemingly unending wait, wait, wait, for everything from test results to feeling better.

Hoping for More: Having Cancer Talking Faith and Accepting Grace [Read] Full Ebook

People who are unsure what to say, or how to be helpful, to someone with cancer will gain insight by reading this book. This may be as close as readers can get to experiencing a cancer diagnosis and its impacts without actually getting a cancer diagnosis. Many of us finally started to heed those hand-wringing cultural critiques of online life and social media.

We began to believe that our various forms of virtual reality are dangerously individualizing and isolating, distracting us from the real things in our lives.

Deanna Thompson | Faith and Leadership

Desperately searching for connection, we turned away from the social media practices that had shaped so many of our relationships. Theologian Deanna A. And then, cancer. Which, surprisingly, led to her seeing the positive possibilities of our virtual worlds. If her new book is not quite as powerful as Hoping for More , it is no less necessary.

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And today this love has the virtual potential to be worldwide. On a personal level, her conversion to the possibilities of virtual relationships began with both the actual and the virtual healing presence of her friends, family, and church as she learned to live with cancer.

Understanding God’s Plan for the End of Life - Joni Eareckson Tada

When she was in pain, she found that it was often easier and just as meaningful to post an online update or read an encouraging text than to struggle through an in-person visit. While she continued to recognize the necessity of physical presence in the healing and comforting that were offered to her, Thompson also began to feel the healing and comfort that came through virtual presences.

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  5. It is often quite easy to dismiss our virtual lives as somehow less real than our actual lives, making an easy although grammatically quite strange distinction between virtual reality and actual reality. Both are real.

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    6. Certainly there are differences between physical presence and virtual presence, but these differences are not strictly between reality and less-than-reality or between experiences that are to be valued differently. Thompson notes that when Paul envisioned the body of Christ he drew on resources available to him from Greco-Roman culture.