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Border States - Brothers at War
Antietam Civil War Battlefield - Sharpsburg Maryland

Mothers and wives regularly attempted to smuggle medicines and supplies to Confederate sons and husbands, but those who were caught were detained by the provost marshal and shipped across the lines. Union spies observed the funerals of Confederate soldiers and took down the names of mourners.

Lincoln made two more visits.

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In , he spoke briefly at a great "Sanitary Fair" staged by Baltimore organizations to raise money and medical supplies for the Union wounded soldiers. Wartime animosity remained deep for years. Former colleagues who had supported different sides no longer spoke to one another. Social leaders resumed their influence; businesses raised money for the devastated South; and the city became a haven for displaced Southerners and Southern writers. It also became a mecca for freed slaves.

Women on the Border

The African American community, which had jubilantly celebrated emancipation in Maryland with the new state constitution of , staged another mammoth celebration on the passing of the 15th Amendment — which Maryland refused to ratify until the s. At the Maryland Historical Society, Union and Confederate veterans donated memorabilia to two different "rooms.

From to , and for years afterward, Baltimore truly was a "house divided. Skip to main content.

Speaker calls for removal of Civil War plaque in Statehouse | WTOP

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    Maryland Public Television Recounts Critical Battles of the Civil War

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    Arizona Territory. Foster to his brother. On the eve of the Civil War, each region of the state of Maryland had formed its own distinctive character. Farmers on the marshy Eastern Shore and in the tidewater region of Southern Maryland, once dominated by the tobacco crop, largely favored maintaining their right to own slaves as their livelihood relied upon it. Baltimore, home to a large free black population and trade magnates who profited handsomely from business with the South, housed both strongly pro-Union and pro-Confederate residents.

    The hilly countryside west of Baltimore, dotted by small family farms with a heavy German influence, leaned more towards the Union—though this region also produced Confederate leaders such as Captain Bradley Tyler Johnson. Ultimately, Marylanders had little choice but to remain in the Union—though sectional tensions simmered across the state throughout and after the Civil War.