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Invest in Lumpsum. Periodic investment SIP.

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Start Investing. Scheme Allocation. I am an existing investor Invest Now. I am a new investor Invest Now. What is the first thought to cross your mind, when you invest your money? I should not lose my money. This should not turn out to be a bad investment. This should turn out to be a good investment. I know this is a good decision. What do you normally associate with the word 'risk'? Would you prefer to run your own business or be a salaried employee?

Being a salaried employee. Being a salaried employee while running a part-time business. Running a partnership business. Running my own business. To what extent would you expose your investments to risk, to earn higher returns? None at all. How would you feel if the performance of your recent investments are below expectations? Very upset. Somewhat upset, but hope that it will improve in the future.

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Uneasy but willing to take it in my stride. Not upset because I know that all investments carry risk. Would you invest in a company that underperformed in the past and caused you losses? Definitely not. May be, but am not very sure.

Axis Mutual Fund launches retirement fund with insurance cover

Perhaps I will. Definitely yes.

Previous Next Submit. Gender Male. Age Below 60 Years. Income Below 1 crore. Occupation Self Employed.

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Experience in investing Below 3 years. Investment Horizon Below 3 years. Evaluate Now. Name Please enter valid name. Mobile Please enter valid Mobile Number. Email Please enter valid email address. City Please enter valid city. And some of those options have attractive features like principal guarantees that protect the money you invest. Others guarantee a specific rate of growth.

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That sounds great until you dig a little deeper. Pros: Fixed annuities are sold by insurance companies as a tax-advantaged retirement savings option. They guarantee your principal and guarantee a fixed rate of return for a certain time period.

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Cons: All that security comes at a price. The best annuity rates barely keep up with inflation. That would be bad enough since it means you end up losing some of the purchasing power of your money each year. But you can get the same tax benefit by investing in mutual funds through your k or in a traditional IRA.

Plus, mutual funds have the growth potential you need to build a nest egg large enough for a comfortable retirement. Cons: Another major difference is that ETFs are designed to be traded on the stock market exchanges during the trading day, allowing ETF investors to buy or sell in response to daily stock market swings.

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  • Mutual fund transactions are completed after the markets close. The ability to trade ETFs like stocks makes it too easy for investors to try to time the market for short-term gains—the complete opposite of a sound, long-term strategy. Index mutual funds accomplish the same goal without the temptation to day-trade.

    Pros: Stocks and bonds are the original investing heavy hitters. So when you buy a Coca-Cola stock, for example, you become part-owner of the Coca-Cola company. As the value of the company grows, so does the value of your stock. You make money when the borrower pays you back with interest when the bond matures—usually a period of 3—15 years. Cons: Both of these options carry a ton of risk. Investing in single stocks is like putting all your retirement eggs in one basket.

    If something happens to the company whose stock you own, the value could drop and never recover.