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grappling hook - Dictionary Definition :

Tag: Movies. Tag: Comics. Elizabeth Rayne quothravenrayne. Jun 23, Share This Post. Tag: Stuff We Love. Tag: Batman. Tag: cosplay. He is Batman. Everyone knows the best way to fight crime is from above and to get above crime in a hurry, you need a grappling hook. How does one get hold of a grappling hook on the mean streets of Gotham City?

The same way you get hold of a grappling hook in real life: by being an eccentric billionaire with too much time on your hands.

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Like Sekiro's arm, Batman's grapple is multi-purpose, but primarily useful for zipping up to a rooftop, or strategically placed gargoyle to spam Bat's Detective Vision, which temporarily turns nearby goons into glowing blue skeletons that can be seen through walls. Being a billionaire is great. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Ring of Elysium Season 2: Grappling Hook Tips and Tricks! (RoE)

Spider-Man — Sticky grappling hooks. Insomniac may have bought into Marvel's conceit that what spurts out of Peter Parker's wrists is 'web', but we're not buying it. If Spider-Man really shot web out of his wrists with the tensile strength to trap criminals or swing off buildings instead of grappling hooks, which is what he really does , how come they don't get irreparably clogged up the first time he uses them?

And before you say it, yeah, sure, his webspinners could be mechanical simulacra of the araneophagous round spider's piriform silk glands which, true, both wrap up prey and don't get clogged. However, as everyone knows, the great araneophagousian trade-off is that extruding quantities of wider, stronger piriform silk to immobilise prey comes at the cost of spinning lighter and more elastic silk suitable for swinging or creating webs. Arachnology , guys.

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